Here’s what I’ve been listening to:


I know a lot of people went bananas for Dylan’s latest CD. . .and I like it, honest I do. . .but there’s a sameness to it that just irks me — especially in light of his last one. It’s a good album, but when you listen to an album like Nashville Skyline it’s just, like, woah, man, this is a GREAT album, ya know?


There’s a song on the Nonsuch World Explorers CD “The Real Bahamas” called “God Locked The Lion’s Jaw” that I’ve been listening to over and over again. I can say quite honestly that there’s no other song like this in the world. The whole album is great, but that song just takes me to some special place.


And “The Real Bahamas Vol. 2” isn’t bad either.


I don’t know what’s better, the bass fills on “Wasted Years” or the second guitar solo. I’m gonna’ say the solo — and I’ll do you one better: the second guitar solo on “Wasted Years” is the best hammer-on trilling solo not performed by Eddie Van Halen or Frank Zappa in all of recorded rock music. So there!


Very dramatic music. Been making my way through all of Mahler’s symphonies. . .just digging into this for the first time now.


Name me a better song to listen to at the gym than “Enter Sandman.” I don’t care how silly the lyrics are.