Ah, the goofy, wonderful splendor that is “Assignment: Earth.” The second season of The Orignal Series ends on an up note with this would-be spin-off featuring a Man From U.N.C.L.E./Danger Man/Mission: Impossible/Highway to Heaven benevolent spaceman (actually, a human. . .he was just raised in space) who wants to help the planet earth find its way to peace during the turbulent Cold War/Civil Rights era. Who wouldn’t want to watch the stern Gary Seven, his cat/sexpot aide Isis and his dopey secretary sidekick Teri Garr muck about with the CIA and KGB? Well, the networks, obviously, as this episode of Trek is as much of that show you’re ever gonna see. And it’s a great episode, with Saturn rockets, fabulous outfits (says Ann), and Spock in a fishing hat. When Kirk and Spock joke, “yes, it looks like they’ll be having lots more adventures together as they beam away, all you can do is sigh.