Cartman maybe wasn’t so crazy when he froze himself because he couldn’t wait any longer to get a Wii.

A few days ago I was in the Rockefeller Center area with over an hour to kill. Part of me wanted to walk over to the public library to read, but another (and, in this case, victorious part) got me over to the Nintendo World store.

It was 10 AM — an empty time. Still kinda early, but late enough that the daily rush of people who still camp out for a Wii have already cleared out the store. There were no more Wiis to sell, but they had a few to play with.

So I started playing Wii Tennis. And the next thing you knew, I was nearly late for my next appointment.


The Wii is the most addictive video system ever! Now, granted, I haven’t actually owned any video games since the old Atari, so I am hardly a hardcore “gamer.” Still, if the store had any Wiis in stock, I may have bought one right there.

And here’s the funny part: I was actually working up a sweat! Compared to PlayStation or XBox, the Wii involves a tiny bit of excersize. Not a lot, but a little. I’d say that playing Wii Tennis is about as strenuous as playing ping-pong. (Not like, you know, the way Chinese people do, but, like, the way you do in a bar.)

I also played Wii Bowling. I will not lie: there is no excersize involved in this.

I didn’t get around to any games where you shoot Zombies or Klingons, but I’m sure they exist. I look forward to killing time in Rockefeller Center again soon.

I heart Wii!