There’s a good episode – a GREAT episode – hidden in here, but it takes such a silly, roundabout route to get there.

B’Elanna is assaulted by an Alien-esque parasite and the Doctor needs to brush up of XenoExoBiology (or something) and, as such, needs to “consult” with the data in his computer. So he personifies it as a hologram – a Cardassian who, we discover, is an interstellar Josef Mengele.

It causes much trouble with the Bajorans, Maquis and others on the ship.

Why didn’t he just slap the information in the form of a Smurf, then?

It’s all just an excuse to determine when it is right to benefit off of the information gleaned from torture victims – a real world moral conundrum. But, as with many stories developed from the holodeck or holograms, it drives me crazy.