It’s been months since I’ve last taken a toke of that horrible, masochistic drug I used to be addicted to: Fox News. Those that know me know that I’ve struggled with this problem off and on for years. . .the need to subject myself to hours of O’Reilly, Hannity, “Studio B” with that asshole with the eyebrows, or that other show with the dude with the white hair (John Something.) Like a junkie on smack it leaves me ill. Like, really ill. Sweaty, itchy, stomach lining and esophagus burning. No, I’m not making this up. And yet, I can’t turn away. The worst is Hannity, no question, but O’Reilly is a close second.

Anyway, I binged tonight and now my head is throbbing. Probably ’cause it’s been so long since I’ve had a little taste. But I realized something tonight.

Like many of you, I’m not all that thrilled with Hillary Clinton. She’s just. . .she’s not my favorite, let’s leave it at that. Of the candidates out there, I am most impressed with Edwards; Richardson and Obama are close behind him. Any of those three and I’d be a happy guy. Would I prefer Kucinich or Nader? Sure, but President Edwards or Richarson or Obama works just fine. But to them. . .to them, the people that’ve so harmed this country, this planet. . .the evil duo of Cheney and Bush. . .the horrible, horrible black spot on our collective souls that we’re so in danger of never repairing. . .to the Hannitys and the Hannity-lovers. . . .I realize this: there is no one they hate more than Hillary.

To that end, a vote for Hillary is a vote to poke in the eye anyone who stands up and says “I love Cheney, I love Bush. I love Alberto Gonzales and his band of email obfuscators. I love Karl Rove and his band of Plame-leakers. I love Rumsfeld and Rice and Powell and the whole sick crew of satan-worshiping mongrols who are wiping santorum off their chins with the United States Constitution.”

So why the hell not support Hillary? I’m not foolish enough to think that Edwards/Obama/Richardson/Any Other Dem is going to be that much different. They’ll all take their cues from the Clinton (Bill) playbook. And, for those that knew me back then, I was ranting and raving about how awful Bill was! (Oh, what a fool I was! I never knew how good I had it!) The defense of marriage act, invading Serbia, bombing al-Shifa, pardoning Marc Rich over Leonard Peltier. And while I was certainly more annoyed at the yutzes like Henry Hyde and Orrin Hatch who were making a big deal about it, I was damned pissed that Clinton had jizzed all over that blue dress and embarrassed us all in the first place. Oh! Oh, what I’d give to have such problems again!

Anyway, while I am brightening your day, keep in mind that there are two “Virginia Tech”s in Iraq every day. Or 24 a day if you factor in for population equivalencies. You can argue the specifics.

Sorry, don’t know why I am so angry. Or, conversely, don’t know why I’m not this angry more often.