Y’know, it’s interesting — when you have such low expectations, when you are expecting something as bad as “Battlefield Earth,” and the first 2 of 3 hours don’t entirely suck, you find yourself delighted. The concept of this movie is so ridiculously bad, so in-the-spirit of Ed Wood, so earnest, so straightfaced, that you can’t help but have respect for it. And there actually are some good scenes at the beginning. The end though — it’s like they got tired of making this film as we got tired of watching it. It makes absolutely no sense, but you won’t complain, you’ll just be glad it is over. But worth seeing — see it for the chutzpah as well as the swelling James Newton Howard score as Costner picks up the little boy’s piece of mail. (Yes, you read that right — “Postman” isn’t a metaphor — this post-apocalyptic action adventure film is about mail.)