Sigh. I knew these episodes were coming, I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to face one so soon after the god awful episode Haven. This is one of the private eye episodes on the holodeck. I can remember being at my grandparents’ house, flipping channels on the TV they kept in the kitchen, all excited that Trek was coming on. Then it would be one of these. Ugh. I’d rather go back in the living room and spend time with the family.

What – Why- Who thought this would be a good idea!?!? I mean — they’re on a spaceship in fucking space! There aren’t enough opportunities for stories there?! You gotta do this nonsense Max Power stuff?! Sure, Dr. Crusher’s flaming red hair looks good in this lighting, but please!

Watching this just makes me wish for the old days of TOS. Where are the cool characters? The adventure? The miniature pieces of great literature wrapped up in a pseudo-science package? Where, for the love of all that is holy, is Mr. Spock?!?

I give this the half insignia only because (as mentioned above) Dr. Crusher’s hair looks nice and ’cause poor Patrick Stewart has to give a funny line reading (pronouncing space insect language) at a tense moment.