Here’s one of those movie-going experiences that changed my life. My Dad took me to see this at the Loews I would later work at, which is now a gym. Released just after my 12th birthday — I don’t think I’d ever seen a movie that so fully captured my imagination as this one. I’d always been a fan of Trek, but this turned me into the full-on psychotic that I remain today. But everyone loves this movie. When we dragged my mother to see it — even she admitted it was funny. And it still is funny. The shtick between McCoy and Spock discussing philosophy, while not as sidesplitting as I remember, still works. This is a perfect adventure movie filled with brain twisters, unexpected problems, good humor and a nice eco-friendly happy ending. Sometimes I marvel at the fact that there could ever be a discussion as to “which is better? Star Trek or Star Wars?” Star Wars is a collection of genre films. Star Trek is real life.