I’m glad it wasn’t just me. Ann and I turned to one another — after our second attempt to watch this DVD (we wrote the first attempt off as us simply being sleepy) — and asked, “Is it me, or is this unwatchable?” Because, on paper, we thought we’d really dig this. The Brothers Quay cite Jan Svankmajer as their main influence (indeed, one of the shorts is called “The Cabinet of Dr. Svankmajer”) and we are both mad about Svankmajer. But. . .imagine if you took Svankmajer and drained all the humanity, all of the energy, all of the, hell, fun out of it. You’d be left with this. The technique is fascinating. . .for exactly five minutes. And then you want to go to sleep. We even tried to watch some of an interview with these guys, thinking that might give us some insight into their work. All we saw were two pretentious assholes who couldn’t formulate a sentence. I haven’t wanted to get a DVD back to Netflix this fast in months.