Since I’d just interviewed Bryan Singer I thought I’d watch this from beginning to end. Disclosure: I never actually saw the WHOLE thing before. (And seeing X2 in the theater when it came out without seeing the first one first marks, like, the only time I ever did shit like that. I hate not having my stuff all lined up, yknow?)

Anyway, you know what? This movie is really dated. The action sequences are just okay. This has me worried about some of the recent comic movies I’ve been crowing about. Not so much The Dark Knight because I really do think that takes things to a new level, but what about The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man? Slick performances only count for so much in a movie like this.

Anyway, the problem with this movie is that there are too many characters. But that’s the point of the X-Men! Maybe not everything is meant to be a feature film. Maybe if Heroes never happened, this’d be a contender for an HBO series or something. Oh well.