The big shock at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was footage of Tron 2 (or TR2N if you swing that way.) I didn’t see it, but my pal downstairs texted me the minute he saw it (and then texts flew in from other nerds around the country.)

I now know that there is definitely something I can obsess about for summer 2010 once Star Trek comes out in 2009.

I came home from San Diego to watch Tron again – I’ve reminisced about it a few times here on this blog.

This time around, I really can’t deny it any longer: The fucking movie just makes no sense. No sense at all. I honestly can’t explain WHY any of the things happening on the screen are happening. And as computers become more and more integrated into our lives, Tron becomes more divorced from reality.

Will TR2N touch on this? Will it even care?

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