No Insignia

Good lord – what a way to start a new season. It’s not like part one set them up well, but there is a descent into awfulness not seen since Season 1 or, dare I say, from the And the Children Shall Lead/Spock’s Brain vortex of TOS’ Season 3.

If you wanna see Mark Twain running around a starship, be my guest. The bigger problem is all the paradoxes. Here goes:

Dr. Noonien Soong created Data, say, in spot 5 on the timeline.
Data’s Head is found on earth in spot 10 on the timeline.
Data goes back to spot 1 on the timeline, loses his head.
Geordi & co go back to spot 1, witness his head removal, retrieve it, and go back to time 11 to put it back on.
Data’s head is now 500 years old, but working fine.
But in this timeline, there is now a paradox about Dr. Soong! Didn’t anyone think of this?? All it would take would be one line of nonsense technobabble from Geordi to say, “The phase inversion set up a subspace conversion bubble, neutrilizing the time-space paradox!” There – done! But we don’t get that. Bah! I say.

Also – if Picard wanted to nail Guinan he doesn’t have to go back in time to do it – he can do it any day aboard the ship. Double bah!