Solid. Laugh-a-minute. Oddly, one of the first Keaton did not write himself. Here’s one of the things I love about the silent Keaton: With all that white makeup and his detached “stone face” he comes off a little persnickity and fey. Chaplin would occasionally mince around, but Keaton once in while would do the whole Nils Crane bit. When Keaton started to talk and you’d hear that horrible Southern accent on him, he couldn’t pull this trick off anymore. But here’s the question: was he even going for that in the first place, or was I just inferring it? That’s part of the genius of his stone face comedy — it leaves a lot of room for you to fill in the blanks. In fact, in The Navigator, there is a scene at the beginning that is just perfect. He asks his g.f. is she will marry him, she says Absolutely Not!, so he turns around and leaves. Sounds like I left out the joke, right? Trust me, when you see it, you’ll fall down laughing.