For those that are really following my full Star Trek project — yes, I did review this episode already. This was during a very brief slip when I watched some of the “Trek canon” out of order. I am now back on track so I will revisit just a handfull of episodes. Also — some of my ratings may change. For example, I liked this episode a bit more the first time.

When I watched this last night, though, I wasn’t as enthused. I can’t stand Lt. Yar. She’s a fine character, but the woman playing her may just be the worst actress in history. Her line readings sound like she is auditioning for the high school play. I can’t wait for her to get killed off. (And, if I may be so shallow for a moment, she isn’t even that attractive — and it is implied, over and over, that she is supposed to be physically attractive. I know plastic surgery wasn’t what it was in 1987 and we expect more from our TV stars today, but there were plenty of hotter chicks on the original Trek.)

Anyway, this is the episode when everyone gets space-drunk and wind up doin’ it. Best is when the fat Japanese engineer sits Indian style and plays with his computer chip like a retarded child. . .that’s very entertaining.