I went to college right before the Internet. As I was going out, it was coming in. Some freaks communicated by email, others talked to one another on Usenet, but as far as resources like a “website” for counter-culture ideas, nothing existed. We traded in zines, pamphlets, books published by a small press.

I bring this up because the low-budget interview-based documentary The Mindscape of Alan Moore, despite making its appearance on the festival circuit in 2003 and release to DVD now, reminds me of that earlier age.

The film consists of Alan Moore, the bearded man from North England with more than a passing resemblance to Ian Anderson, rambling about his perception of the world. It starts out fairly mundane – he’s not very keen on corporations – and ends with concepts of Space/Time collapsing in on itself, reducing all of human existence (which is just one soul) into vapor. Or something. Trust me, it all makes sense along the way.

Listening to Alan Moore philosophize is like a welcome trip back to the dorm – opening up doors to rooms of thought that have been cooped up too long in my straight-laced, reactionary and uptight existence. He may sound like a lunatic at times, but he’s far out.