I watched this because the back of the box said it would be the 1924 silent film about a man forced to repopulate the world with space-age hot chicks in Jetsons-like outfits. Instead I got the 1964 AIP production of the book “I Am Legend,” which later became “The Omega Man.” Vincent Price plays the part Charleton Heston would later sqeeze his meaty hands around. The Price film isn’t really an action picture, or a horror picture. In fact, it isn’t much fun at all. It’s a dark, meditative film about death and solitude with a couple of zombie killings thrown in. The result is oddly fascinating. Price can’t act for shit, but he really tries here. The deaths of his wife and child aren’t done up “chiller theater,” and aren’t good enough for real melodrama. But it *is* scary, just because the tone is so strange. I can’t imagine drive-in audiences liking this, but I can imagine the French.