Almost as funny as “Road To Morroco,” this time Hope and Crosby swindle their way through Alaska. Hope snuggles up to a bear that he thinks is Dorothy Lamour (“some day I’ll buy you real furs, not this cheap imitation”) then the bear turns to the camera to complain that he doesn’t get a line in the picture. If this isn’t the high water mark of Western civilization, I don’t know what is. In this, the fourth in the series, there is an awful lot of mugging and funny noise making — probably the most schtick-laden so far. And, while all the films are just jaw-dropping in their racism, the sexism in “Road To Utopia” may be unparalleled. The objectification is nonstop; women are treated as treats, as toys as accessories (“Doctor’s orders – can’t have ’em anymore!”). Whereas usually Hope and Crosby are seen going gaga over women (you can almost see the hearts beating like in the Bugs Bunny cartoons) here they are flat out leering. If you’ve already come to grips that all of mankind is doomed, you can rationalize this into an endearing quality.