I can’t remember the last time I took to my blog to complain about a restaurant, but, then again, I can’t remember the last time I went to a place as horrible as Queens Comfort on 40-09 30th Ave.

I’m writing this out on my blog and not just posting to Facebook in the hopes that it is indexed high on Google. Anything I can do to deter business to this horrible place is a mitzvah.

Here are the crimes of this rancid, loathsome establishment.

The music is turned up to 11 – and it was good music, too – but it was so earblasting that you had to scream to hear anything. And the place was about 3/4ths empty. I love the “Safety Dance” but I’d also like to hear what my wife is saying when she’s but inches away from me.

2 – Creepy weird dudes everywhere.
I couldn’t tell who was working and who was a friend of the waitstaff. At one point I counted six people in the kitchen – one of them was eating something – none of them were wearing gloves. All of them were young looking dopes that seemed psyched to be living on off-campus housing.

One dude kept dancing (to the loud music, see above) and air-drumming behind my wife’s head. Another guy was drinking a beer.

Our waiter seemed like he had just left a methadone clinic and when I asked a question about an item on the menu, he told me to just “trust the chef.”

Another guy was laying out baked goods on a plate in front. No gloves, no wax paper.

3 – So how’s the food?
Chicken shouldn’t be red on the inside. And corn shouldn’t taste like cardboard. And a biscuit should come with, like, a pad of butter option right?

4 – But a steal?
$14 for a burger? At Shake Shack, fine, but this was just a burger with some weird stuff on it (that’s the gimmick here – nothing is normal, everything is TO THE EXTREME – in this case, a burger but with an Italian street fair sausage on it.)

I hate this place like poison. I will never go back and I intend to post similar reviews everywhere on the web in an effort to deter business so it will close and something else will open in its place. (What was wrong with the Blue Restaurant?)