When the end of Sunday came I had reached a level of exhaustion I hadn’t felt since….since San Diego Comic-Con.

The highlight has to’ve been the Harold & Kumar interviews, though. When I introduced myself to the two directors, they did a double take. Hey – we know you – THANK YOU for that awesome review. A few moments later, I was quite pleased with my ability to force NPH go off-script by cracking him up. Should you ever interview NPH, just use foreign phrases and he’ll get an uncontrollable case of the giggles (in this case it was “esprit de coeur” and “recicative.”) I know I just said this about Willem Dafoe, but Neil Patrick Harris is one of the coolest celebs I’ve met. Completely easygoing, funny, smart and seemed (at least) to enjoy talking with me.

Above is me, director Louis Letterier and Tim Roth.