Holy pastel shirts! Holy geri curl! Holy big plastic sunglasses. Holy synthesizers! Holy being rude to the cameramen and audience! Holy. . .ridiculous version of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature!” As a camp time capsule, this disc is unbeatable. As a concert film, it is awful. Miles putters around onstage and actually looks violent when one of his solos fails to get applause. In addition to “Human Nature” he trots out “Time After Time,” and hits plenty of wrong notes. Not wrong notes like he used to — playing with the text and breaking boundries — but wrong notes because he’s lost all breath control. It looks as if he is chewing gum as he is playing the trumpet. There are two jammy jams on here that are actually good if you can handle the synthesizer — the bass and John Scofield’s guitar are pretty kick ass. Anyway, a fascinating disc if you wanna see the Emporer With No Clothes and only 1 hr.