First: yes, this is the one where (then) Crown Prince Abdullah of Jordan shows up as an extra. That’s him up there. Awesome.

Second: Neelix! UGH! I can’t effing take it anymore!! Surely Neelix is more annoying than Jar-Jar Binks.

This is a good episode, with all kinds of Kazon-Nistri action and the continuation of the Seska arc….but it is frickin’ ruined by all the gosh durned Neelix!! He has a talk show?!?! Who in the hell thought this was a good idea!?!

Also: I like that Paris’ recent dickishness was just a ruse to get him to leave and have that be buyable to the on board mole, but I don’t believe that Janeway and Tuvok (and Paris) wouldn’t let Chakotay in on it. I mean, *I* wouldn’t want to tell Chakotay either (because I dislike him almost as much as Neelix) but, still, seems to me like as a Maquis he could fake being angry…..