Weird how things come together. A few different sources were telling me that the current Battlestar Galactica, and the 2003 miniseries that launched it, were worth my time. I’d been considering renting it – and then it appears, all four hours of it, in Sci-Fi Channel last night. And it is just fucking awesome. Really riveting stuff. Action-packed, a little shocking in its brutality, very cleverly shot. And it looks terrific. The reason Galactica has a chance against the Cylons (if I may use such a phrase) is because it is low-tech and doesn’t rely on hackable computers. (Curse you networking solutions!!!) As a result, everything has a very real, tactile element to it. Some of the love story stuff felt crammed in there, but, hey, it’s still TV. Anyway, when this thing ended at 3 AM I promptly had Cylon-related nightmares. So, mission accomplished.