Before I talk about the movie, a hats off to Criterion for the dynamite presentation. I wound up watching this three times. First the original way; second as its 1968 rerelease narrated by William S. Boroughs with a far out Zappaesque score featuring, among others, Jean-Luc Ponty; lastly with the far-better-than-usual commentary track with a Danish film scholar whose name I’ve forgotten. But the movie, ah, the movie. Not quite a narrative, certainly not a documentary — who expected to turn on a film from 1922 and see flagellation, onanism, analingus, bestial croprophagia, geriatric prurience or urinary vandalism? If that doesn’t turn you on, there is also some very early special effects: double exposures, film reversals and stop motion animation. Plus, devils. Lots and lots of devils.