The great Rene Rosa has been trying to get me to read Rick Remender’s Fear Agent for six months or so. I finally decided to listen to the guy and, boy howdy, I’m glad I did. Not since Y: The Last Man have I been so quickly taken with such a terrific long-form comic.

I read the first four book collections in the same afternoon, alternating between delight and horror. The first book is lighthearted goofy B Sci-Fi in an almost Spaceballs kinda way. Book two veers into dark places similar to the first season of BSG. The remainder of the stories bounce between the two.

There is a wide range of characters, races, technology and history – as well as some really funny shit and terrific art. If you like looking at brains, this book is for you.

Now I am off to hunt down the one shots and first few issues of collection five.