Yes I am now on the Face Book. I can not deny that it is a “user friendly app” as they say. I had been ignoring it because I figured it would be like the My Space and I absolutely hate the My Space. The My Space always makes my computer crash.

Facebook, however, is relatively clean and neat.

I was supposed to clean the apartment on Saturday, but instead I spent all day on Facebook. I have two categories of friends there. Old college chums that I haven’t really talked to in ten years and the clowns I see at work every day. And that’s it.

I was able to get in touch with an old professor I always thought was cool and one old friend that I am truly excited to be back in touch with, as all other roads to him had disappeared. So, yes, Facebook is cool. But I refuse to look at it anymore today. Because I have to do something old school, like write in my blog.