You will no doubt think I’m kidding, but I’ve always wanted a spice rack. We didn’t have one growing up. We had a spice carousel, tucked away in a cabinet. Ann’s parents sent us an old one they didn’t need. We then spent more time that you’d ever think appropriate washing out the old bottles, peeling off the old labels, and applying Goo Gone to the caps. Then we went out to buy new spices at the radical Trade Fair on 30th (listed in TONY as a place for cheap spices) — with some aid from Dr. Garrett Koren, who was in town, and Denise Stockman, who we bumped into on the street and was going off to ice skate.

Then we typed up new labels (on a typewriter!) and poured in spices using paper as a funnel. The result, from Allspice to Wasabi: