Woke up in time to take advantage of the complimentary continental breakfast held on Saturdays and Sundays. This consisted of croissants, coffee, orange juice from concentrate (which I simply cannot drink – it doesn’t have to be fresh squeezed, but if it ain’t Tropicana it tastes like Tang to me) and a different kind of croissant with sugar on top. We had our little breakfast out by the hotel pool and courtyard, but since it was crowded we ate huddled over a garbage can. You can’t take me anywhere. . .

Our first stop was down to the river. The mighty Mississip. The Ole Muddy. Old Miss. We bought tix to take a steamboat cruise on the Natchez. Since it was called the Natchez I was singing “From Natchez to Mobile, from Memphis to St. Joe” over and over for a good few hours. Again, I am a joy to travel with!

To get to the boat you have to walk past a mall and a parking lot. . .but still! A ride on a riverboat queen! Big wheel keep on turnin’! In fact, here’s a picture of the big wheel and me giving it a thumbs up.


And here is a shot of the New Orleans skyline. Did you know it had a skyline? It’s less of a skyline than Jersey City. . .but it is a skyline nonetheless.


And here’s Ann & me smooching.


And here are other, actual functioning cargo ships feeding the heartland of America.


And this is the engine room. It was steamy in there! Alas, they do use diesel fuel to get the motor cookin’, so it’s not as green a method of transport as you may hope.


After the boat we walked to the Audubon Aquarium – partly for the science, partly for the air conditioning. Along the way we stopped at an Urban Outfitters, as Ann can’t help to see how they do things in other cities. (Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are owned by the same parent company.)

At the Audubon you walk through a tunnel of fish.




Also, there are some terrific, loud birds



Whoever set up the signs has a sense of humor



Here I am, posing like a tool in front of giant shark jowls.


Now – I like to pretend that I have an above average intellect. We all like to believe this, but since I have been educated in some decent schools and since I don’t speak with a Southern accent I feel that there may actually be some truth to my claim. That said, just like every other shmuck in the place, I happened upon this display and shouted, “Finding Nemo!”


(Which doesn’t even make sense. I should have at least said “Nemo!” That’s like all the people who called the whale ‘Free Willy.”)


Here’s a crazy fish.


Jellyfish rock. All I could say as we watched them float around was “we know your thoughts!” in a creepy high voice. When’s the horror film about the Jellyfish controlling the world coming out?


And where are the peanut butter fish?


On the way back home we passed Ryan’s Pub which had a large sign displaying Irish Car Bombs for five bucks. Who were we to refuse? They also have a very humble banner inside.