These CDs are what’s been spinning a lot these last few days.

When I first got this latest Daniel Lanois CD I was a little disappointed it was instrumental-only. But after some mental readjustment it has earned a place as perfect chill-out music. It does, though, sound exactly like any of Lanois’ last two albums but with the vocal track removed. Was someone pressed for time?


Another great mellow album is The Gasoline Age by East River Pipe. Very simple, basic songs — but it is amazing what effect a little echo has. You won’t even notice at first that many of the lyrics are tongue in cheek. The closing symphony of Atlantic City slot machines is mesmerizing.


My least favorite of the prog rock titans (I’d even place the dreaded ELP above ’em) King Crimson’s second album “In The Wake of Poseidon” is still some fun stuff. Cat food! The later, Adrian Belew/Tony Levin – ProjeKCt Space Vector 9 mishigoss is a long way away from some of this airy material.


All I remember from the movie Gattaca is Ethan Hawke running, Jude Law’s dreamy eyes and this dare-I-say haunting score. I’ll have to slip this one back on my Netflix queue.


Not that I don’t have all the original albums, but it is a convenience to have all the great early Stones material in one place. I’ve had Disc Two in the machine for some time — digging on “Who’s Driving Your Plane?” “Stupid Girl” “19th Nervous Breakdown” and “Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadows?” Not the ultimate Stones era (my high school declaration of Beggars Banquet – Let It Bleed – Sticky Fingers – Exile on Main St. being the greatest tetralogy in rock still stands firm) but it is worthy of repeated listening.

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