I cannot tell a lie: this episode kinda blows. It has some good elements — seeing a little bit of life on the Starbase is pretty cool. And the lawyer (the guy from “The Killing”!) is entertaining. But this episode is just friggin’ predictable. And so slapped together at the end. Kirk actually gives voice-over (not a Captain’s log) to fill in for all the cut scenes. And characters just vanish. One actually says “I have to go” much like Poochie did. Yeeeesh. They musta been facing a serious deadline. And I hardly mentioned the “white noise remover” that McCoy waves over people’s hearts to shut them up (but does nothing about their breathing.) The prop — a plain microphone — is the lamest thing we’ve seen in a Trek episode since that bottle of Windex Kodos uses in “Conscious of the King.” Well. . .the beginning of this episode is cool.