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March & April (And Even Some February) Photos

Lots of photos have been taken, few have been shared.
From Jake’s birthday party:
Amanda says, “Hey, what’s with you?”

Amanda thinks Ann is loopy.

My Aunt Joan’s favorite words begin with an “F” and end with an “UCK.”

Jake in a parachute.
UPDATE: This actually isn’t Jake, but one of his little friends. Who can see with such a blurry lens?

I’m thinking of doing something stupid.

I’ve done something stupid.

I’m paying the price.

An offscreen hand to help me out.

I cook breakfast once in a while.

The funniest named public housing development.

A pigeon.

Matt Levy and Goober.

Me and Ely (nee Chairman Meow.)

Jurgen makes a face.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson-Rozger (on her birthday.)

Taken the same night (and notice how Emma’s head [Emma is the one on the right] strangely echoes Mrs. J-R’s!)

Dumplings and Sandwiches in the Flushing Underworld:
The Levy’s and I have made a few trips to this hidden mall in Flushing (Main St. & 41st) and each time it is a major event.

Here is Mark ordering up. Note how the decor really looks like some dude’s apartment in Queens.

Matt and I wait in anticipation.

The ingredients for the mystery sandwiches.


Dude’s making some kinda spicy sweet noodles that kinda taste like Waffle Crisp cereal.

Lamb sandwiches. Sooooo good.

Outta control dumplings.

Stinky Fried Tofu. It doesn’t sound good, it doesn’t taste good. But I am glad I tried it once.

It’s my world!!!

It’s my head!!!

I love the Flushing scene, but my heart belongs to Wo Hop.

On St. Patrick’s Day (or, actually, a few days later) Ann made Irish Food. Behold!

The Coleman’s Double-Strength Mustard is INTENSE. Even I had to cry uncle.

Must Meow TV

Without fail, if we put on one of the 10-part BBC Life of Birds DVDs, Goober will wind up planted in front of the tube. It is the only, only, only time he’ll sit in front of the TV like this. Highly entertaining

This is the over-Goober’s-shoulder shot.

Pictures from August, Part One

Some recent shots:
The house we live in in Queens is ringed with peach trees. They are now in full bloom and they are delicious. Our landlady gave us a huge sack of them and tells us she is “making marmalat!” They serve both sides of the pesticide argument well. Never has a peach tasted juicier, but Ann had a worm in one of hers.

I came home late the other night and found a man stalking on the staircase. He looked at me glumly, apologized, then zipped away on his bike. He had his arms full of peaches. I told this to my landlord when I saw him the next day. He said, “Is good — let them take!”

Obviously, everyone in this shot needs that next yellow cup of Jagermeister.

Goober on his way to Aunt Barbie’s on East 74th St.

George & Sibby at Federici’s on Main St. Note George is wearing a Preservation Hall T-shirt.

The Great Kerry Douglas Dye.

Me and Banana.

Me and Evan.

Michelle, Che & Raoul. If you listen closely, you can almost hear Raoul going “Nuh-uh!!!”

Ann’s co-worker Rocco.

Rocco is a working cat, keeping the shop free of any critters.

But he doesn’t seem to be working very hard right now.

Cat Hat

If you are sitting on our couch and Goober climbs up and sits behind you, you’ve got Cat Hat.

Goober owns the couch.

Ann hears something.

Late May ’06 Photo Dump

Ann and Goober spend an evening in with some light reading.

What I like is that you can clearly see here how it is Goober demanding when the pages be turned.

Off in the wild wilderness of Monmouth County, Ann spies a Caterpillar.

The Caterpillar climbs a tree.

Here is the ‘pillar on an arm.

Close up of Mr. ‘pillar.

Click here to see REALLY close.
Me in the wilderness. 5 minutes in nature and I need 10 mg of Lortadine and a hit of Albuterol.

Sunset on the Hoffman family compound.

Nephew Jake plays a memory game.

It’s like Husker Du but, like, nicer.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a haircut as cool as Jake’s at age 3. What’s up with that?

Jake and Grampa Hoffman thoroughly engrossed in “Monster’s Inc.”

Jake, Grampa & Uncle Jordan.

My collection of New York City (mostly) reference books. A shelf of tax write-offs!



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