Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t waste your time with this. Rent any of WKW’s other, better films. Two major problems with this film. The first is part of scriptwriting 101. What do the characters want? I know what the director wants — to make the characters look cool smoking in vintage outfits. That ain’t enough. Second, please, a moment of levity, I beg of you. I’m not saying crack jokes but, please, a frivolous moment. The anecdotal quality of early films like “Happy Together,” “Fallen Angels” and “Chunking Express” is shelved for the full on texture texture texture that made “In The Mood For Love” a success. The thing is, “In The Mood For Love” had a story to tell! This is just texture qua texture. And I say, “Feh!” (Note: every frame of the film is absolutely gorgeous.)