Look – a Tron comic could be awful and it would still be great, you know?

Ghost in the Machine isn’t awful. It isn’t good either. But it has Recognizers and I/O Towers and Alan One. How can you pass this up?

The six issues are actually sequel to the video game Tron 2.0 (which is summarized in the first issue) and has a big, fat dollop of The Matrix-esque heavy philosophy in it. The entire run closes with a quote from Descartes, if you can believe such a thing.

The art is awesome – well, scratch that. The art is unique (lots of digital-looking stuff) but since it is of the Tron world it instantly takes on awesome properties.

I can not tell a lie and say I was too engrossed in the story or characters – but it is TRON!

These comics are hard to find in the Real World. You’ll need the help of your computer to track them down. I am aware of the irony.

The TPB is here, or you could use that same site to get the 6 single issues (as I did.)