So here is further evidence that when I get into something, I really get into something.

Not collected in any paperback are four issues of a halted “Season Two” of Top 10 and one Special Issue.

It’s definitely the least interesting Top 10 out there. Even the non-Alan Moore “Beyond the Farthest Precinct” collection has the signature frakked-up sci fi element. This plays it much more like a straight police procedural.

The good news is that there is less fancy stuff to get between you and the characters you now love – so it is fun. (As is a B-story about a hero who is caught “crossover dressing” by his wife and takes a weekend retreat with the Premise Keepers to find his origin story. Comics fans will never stop slapping their knees at that shit.)

This is for the few diehards out there. Worth reading if you qualify, but not for the general audience.