A rock solid adventure episode. I like this one because it is the first time (I think) we go to the interior of another Star Fleet vessel (the near-destroyed Constellation) and this really “opens up” the Trek Universe for me. There’s shooting, yelling, a race against the clock and the Enterprise taken over by a Captain Queeg-esque superior officer and there’s nothing Mr. Spock can do about it. The internet tells me that this ranked as James Doohan’s favorite episode and I can see why. Scotty saves the day, like, six times is rapid-fire succession. Hats off to Scotty! I was reminded what an entertaining character he was here. . .and how awesome it would be to have a guy like Scotty workin’ for ya full time in real life. He also has a lot of smart-alecky remarks. It’s funny, between Scotty and McCoy, it seems like everyone is always mouthing off to the Captain whenever he gives an order. Even Spock, in his passive-agressive science robot way, seems unable to face authority without a little verbal zetz. I don’t think real naval Captains would put up with that.