One of the best bad movies I’ve ever seen. I think I have this plot straight, lemme break it down. Bela Lugosi is a scientist who is pissed off at a group of businessmen who got rich off of his formula for after shave — even though Lugosi opted against a partnership and is often getting surprise bonuses from his benevolent employers. He decides to breed giant radioactive bats who are drawn into a murderous rage at certain smells. He then creates a new after shave lotion that marks whoever wears it for a fang-tastic death. (“You won’t be needing to re-apply my experimental after shave for some time!”) If only he can convince his hated employers to wear the after shave NOW — at night — when the giant radioactive bats are out — even though they USUALLY shave in the mornings!! It takes an entire movie for the spunky young reporter (always a reporter — never the cops!) to put together the crime. It’s so OBVIOUS the scientist is driving radioactive bats crazy with killer after shave!!!!