Moore’s second documentary feature is his most desultory, but also his funniest — and probably the one whose politics I agree with most. Basically a collection of vignettes as Moore travells the country shilling for his book “Downsize This!”, Moore eats fast food and pisses off corporate management. The recurring problem is this: corporations making record profits continue to close American factories to move them to other countries so they can make, as Moore says, “a little bit more.” The flaks say it is to “remain competative.” That’s about as far as the debate gets, but it is pretty hard not to side with the people who work in a factory for 20 years then show up one day to get axed. In typical Moore fashion, he does take his grand conclusions a little too far, but it comes from the right place. Its also a little weird to see Democrats and Clinton get so much abuse. If he only knew what was just around the corner.