Oy. This episode pretty much sucks. It makes no sense (if matter + antimatter make the universe go boom, why can Kirk run between universes with no problem? And how exactly are the two Lazaruses switching places? And which one is evil? And. . .oh, never mind. . . ) The saving grace are the endless scenes of far out psychedelic special effects shots. Some of them look straight out of Stan Brakhage. It’s just so relentless that they achieve some sort of poetry. This plus the addition of Lt. Masters, a second African-American woman in a high rank. (Turns out part of the reason this episode sucks is because they had to add filler to make up for the love story that was yanked at the last minute between white Lazarus and black Masters. Plus, John Drew Barrymore forgot to come to set that day and they had to get a last minute replacement for the guest shot. D’oh!)