I’d heard so many times that this was g.d. awful that I was delighted to find that it was merely bad.

This intensely low-budget film (it has the production values of your average episode of Voyager) feels more like a fan-fic short story than a sequel to the mighty and awesome Verhoeven film. Ed Neumeier’s script has the potential to go either way, but for the most part it is played straight.

The film is basically Zulu with a zombie/The Thing element tossed in during the third act. The final reel is full-on revolting in its gore and the low-budget nature of the project helps decide if we should “take this all seriously” or not. I can’t deny enjoying it, or the fact that all the female troopers are naked half the time.

They say ST: 3 is actually not bad, hence my reasoning in finally getting around to this. There are far worse things to watch at 1 AM.