No Insignia


I’ll say it. Don’t think I won’t say it. You wanna hear it? Here it is: Worst Episode Ever!!!

Whereas something like TOS’s And The Children Shall Lead or Spock’s Brain can at least be enjoyed on a masochistic level, “Shades of Grey” is just an insult. A “clips episode,” like you’ll find on the Partridge Family. A disgrace. And the frame for this cheap stunt is pretty retarded, too.

And on this horrible note we say good-bye to Season Two, altogether something of a success. We also say good-bye to Dr. Pulaski who, I must admit, is a good character even if it did leave Troi the only sexy chick left in the crew. Pulaski has more spunk than Dr. Crusher and Diana Muldaur is ten times the actor Gates McFadden is.

Dr. Pulaski, you may have been a little too Bea Arthur for the Enterprise, but I’ll think of you every time I cross from Greenpoint into L.I.C. (unless I’m on the BQE, in which case I’ll be thinking of Tadeusz KoĹ›ciuszko.