After wanting to visit for over a decade, I finally made it to Sammy’s Roumanian Steakhouse. I loved it, but it’ll probably be my one and only visit. The prices are absolutely friggin’ nuts. With tip, the bill for Ann & I came to $77. $77 that, as you probably know, I really don’t have. And, let’s face it, for $77 you can basically afford a nice dinner at any of the better steakhouses. Y’know, one that looks nice. Not one in a basement with flourescent lights, stapled xeroxes and photos and business cards anywhere. Not one with an Israeli man at a synthesizer singing “welcome to the house of cholesterol!!” We shared a giant (giant!) steak, roasted peppers, pickled tomatoes, bread with schmaltz, potato pancakes with apple sauce and chocolate egg creams. And seltzer from a spritzer. Lots of it. Oy. We took no photos, but you can see a lot on the Net. Some good ones are here.