It may not be much of a surprise to learn that, as a general rule, I am hardly a fan of any product in its “reduced fat” or “reduced sodium” or in any sort of blanket “lite” version. It is often a decent enough facsimile of the original food, strained through a “suck-in-ator” device.

All except one: Reduced Fat Cheez-Its are a far superior version of their original progenitors.

Cheez-Its, of which I have long been a fan, are, let’s face it, a little gross. That slick, slimy feel that gets on your fingertips — that awful heartburn that inevitably comes after eating too many. This is all gone with the Reduced Fat version. They are dryer, less greasy, but equally flavorful. They are better in every way.

I’m not idiot enough to think that Reduced Fat Cheez-Its are health food, but, hey, opting for this iteration is better than nothing, right? Would that all snacking products could take a page out of the RFCI book.

Lastly, I don’t know who this psychopath is, but I agree with her on her Cheez-It policy. God bless the Internets.