I doubt there’s a day when I don’t smile and think “God bless Queens.”

I can’t imagine another place where you go to the supermarket and, under a display of fresh fruit, there are jars of minced garlic, saran wrapped figs and plastic containers of STP motor oil.

Where else will you call for a cab and a van shows up with a 20 year old dude driving with his girlfriend in the passenger seat and a karaoke DVD blasting ABBA and the Bee Gees at full volume?

Where else can you go to the bagel store and see a Gotti kid is full grey sweat suit (but with his ass still hangin’ out) yelling in to his cell phone online instead of paying his bill? Was this the same knucklehead I overheard the night before yelling into his phone: “I don’t got no beef with those guys? But if I go there and there’s beef….then there’s gonna be beef!”