I thought I’d be in Jersey by now, but the Fates kept me here in NYC one more night. So with all this found time I’ve been very productive. I really went to town in my office and threw away tons of shit — and not all of it three-dimensional. I deleted thousands upon thouands of unnecessary files; I’ll no longer get that “startup disc is full!” message.

As soundtrack, I dug up this chestnut by Matthew Sweet. After his perfect album “Girlfriend” and close-to-perfect album “Altered Beast,” Sweet followed up with this clunker. It contains, however, the greatest song he ever recorded, “Sick of Myself.” Click on this link and see if I am not telling the truth.


So I guess the Schramms are officially over — we haven’t heard anything since their live 2003 album “2000 Weiss Beers From Home,” and no new original material since 2000’s “100 Quesitons.” C’est la vie. They were one of the great all time New York bands. “Dizzy Spell” might have been their apex, and great touchstone of a now forgotten scene.


Old man music. I dig it.


Right next to Hiatt in the collection is this fun chestnut. Remember this? Warren Zevon + the non-Stipe members of R.E.M. play the folk and blues canon (with a little Prince thrown in.)


Ann says, “put something peppy on!”