You remember Spock’s Brain? Well, this is Nellix’s lungs.

A race of deteriorating meanies (or not so meanies, we later learn) needs to steal body parts to stay alive. Neelix gets de-lunged, but luckily The Doctor can keep him in a stasis with some holo-lungs, so long as he doesn’t move. I’m not 100% anti-Neelix. He’s all right. Some people treat Neelix like Jar-Jar Binks; I don’t see it that way. The problem, I feel, is that the rest of the crew is too quick to just say, “Oh, that wacky Neelix!” and let him do his schtick. I think Janeway should boot him off the bridge more – he should really only be there by request. Remember how Picard acted when Wesley went on the bridge? If not Janeway, at least Chakotay (who, as of now, is the worst defined character on the show) should get up in his grill. Isn’t he supposed to be an outlaw?