The original JC Superstar double album is one of the great highlights of 70s rock. It really is wonderful. The movie, quite bare when you look back at it, doesn’t do much to add to it. Although the guy playing Judas in the film is a more talented singer (Carl Anderson vs. Murray Head) the guy playing Jesus blows. Not only is Ted Neely an inferior singer to Ian Gillan, he is the wussiest looking Christ I’ve ever seen. He looks 5’2″, 90 lbs, has a lazy eye, and barely opens his mouth. Some of the dance sequences are fun in a “painting-by-JJ-from-Good-Times” kinda way, and the use of freeze-frame and such is lovingly 70s. But, truthfully, you are better off jammin’ out to the record in your basement. With big ass headphones. I now open the door to Mr. Repsher, who will detail the social signifigance the album and film had way back when.