About 30 minutes too long, but a very amusing film. Loaded with style and personality.

A word about censorship. Firstly, Ichi the Killer is so blatantly a satire that it is silly to get up in arms about this film. It is not morally reprehensible in any way. Except….for one scene. See – I don’t mind the intense graphic cartoonish violence, but I don’t quite dig on the leering, lingering sexual violence toward women. Which does have a (brief) presence in this film. Even if it is meant to show that certain characters are evil or that they are all twisted in their psycho-sexual mishigoss. If you say “That goes to far!” in the presence of a Takashi Miike film it means you are a loser and you suck but, you know what, that goes to far. When you are going for satire (and not, say, Irreversible) then it goes to far. I call it like I see it.

Still, though, there is some amusing stuff in this disgusting film.