I don’t know if it is only in comparison to the other recent episodes, or if it is actually good on its own terms, but this episode was mostly entertaining. Most with Q are. John DeLanice, who plays Q, actually deserves some real praise — it is very difficult to make a baffling character like Q so enjoyable to watch. He’s half Hannibal Lecter, half Homestar Runner.

Anyway, this episode is good up until the end. That’s when we see that in the future Wesley Crusher will be an oversized gay man in a rainbow sweatshirt. No, the real problem with the end is that it just . . .ends. It’s as if everyone looked at their watch and realized they were running out of time. So Picard turns to Q and says, “we’ve beaten you!” No they haven’t. The deal was that Q couldn’t lure Riker away from his duty. Riker is loving his new godlike powers, but when the others on the bridge refute him (like Wes handing back his Crunch fitness membership) Picard just announces the game is up. You think he’d first check with Riker that he was ready to become mortal again. And for that I say, “F you, Picard. You still suck compared to Kirk.”