After 9 days of constant heat wave and promised quieting storms which never came, the skies finally opened up a few short moments ago.

I was just about to sit in my green chair and put on Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks’ “Orange Crate Art” and leaf through a week-old issue of the Village Voice when it happened. I instantly took off my socks and ran out into the street.


What you can’t see from Ann’s photographs is me dancing with two little Bangladeshi girls on their tricycles. The little one shouted “it’s raining!” and the older one exclaimed “we’re not wearing shoes!” As I walked down the block I encountered two 12 year old boys who were hollering as the thunder burst. They shouted “Italia! Italy number one! Italy number one!” I held out my hand and hi-fived both of them as they ran past me.

Luckily, Ann was waiting with a towel when I came back inside.