Facets brings up some very interesting theories about existence. If a person is just a collection of his memories, what will become of us if we find a way to store and then interact with these memories. Poul Anderson touched upon this in his novel Harvest of Stars, but it really gets nailed here in the Trill ritual of Zhian’tara.

The former hosts of the Dax symbiont “leave” Jadzia and are temporarily hosted elsewhere (the rest of the cast) so she can shmooze and get to know the pieces of her psyche. But when they are in the other hosts – are they *alive*? Seems that way, as Curzon really digs being with Odo and doesn’t want to go back. If this is indeed the case, why don’t previous hosts demand a Zhian’tara weekly? Why do they not bring reports from beyond the grave? It’s heavy shit, man.

In addition to that, Nog’s side story about preparing for Starfleet Academy is fun.