This curious sci-fi/horror hybrid wins extra points for being so brazenly baffling. At 84 minutes, there simply isn’t time to explain away everything presented in the setup. And thank God. Dante 01 works best as a B movie, even if it is in French.

A psycho ward in deep space, orbiting a ball of fire. No reason is given as to why this gigantic ship should be there as opposed to, say, Nantes. No explanation as to why everything is lit purple like the First Class cabins on Virgin American. . .but it looks cool.

Many evil injections and gaseous knockouts later, it is realized the jailers and jailees must work together if they are too survive. Lots of painful yelling in pain follows and gross shit happens (like the eating of mortality, represented as glowing yellow crustaceans.)

I imagine that Dante 01 is a blast if you are high. I can respect that, even prefer that, seeing as how the movie hardly makes sense, but yet is also somehow predictable.